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Guide to Buying

We've helped many of people buy their homes, and we’ve learnt many lessons about how to purchase your property in the easiest way. Here are a few tips from our property experts.

Put your current house on the market

It makes it easier to buy a house if you’re already selling your current home. Agents and sellers will know you’re serious, and you'll be in a better position to make an offer. Agents call this being a ‘hot buyer’ – a buyer who is ready to move fast, who they’ll contact first when a new property comes up for sale. You can get your home valued and marketed with us here.

Search with the local experts

Most homes for sale end up on big property websites like Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location, but you can stay one step ahead of the crowd by registering with local estate agents. Registering with local experts like butters john bee means you’ll hear about new properties before they go online, so you’re more likely to secure your ideal home. You can register with us here.

Get your mortgage organised

The first question a seller wants to know is: are the buyers’ finances in order? It’s not only a question of setting your budget – it gives the agency and sellers complete confidence in your offer. butters john bee has in-house financial advisers who work with our sales team to make sure your mortgage options are set up properly. You can contact our financial adviser here.

Find a trusted solicitor

We find that successful home purchases are helped by using experienced solicitors who understand the local area. That’s why we have a close relationship with many local solicitors who can make your purchase quicker and more straightforward. We can even arrange for solicitors to provide you with quotes for conveyancing; just ask in our office.

From studios, terraces, semis and detached – all the way to manor houses. We’ve got the right home for you.

Make your offer

Once you’ve found the perfect home, we’ll submit your offer to the seller verbally and in writing. We’ll explain any special conditions, such as your buying and financial position, so this is the time to confirm your solicitor and financial arrangements. You’re under no obligation yet, but if both you and the seller are happy with the offer, we’ll prepare a ‘Memorandum of Sale’ to get the process started.

Begin the conveyancing process

Your solicitor will now deal with all the paperwork for your purchase in a process called ‘Conveyancing’. This includes speaking with the seller’s solicitor about the contract, conducting local searches and agreeing the dates for exchanging contracts and completing the purchase. If you’re selling your old home at the same time, they’ll also coordinate the transactions for you. It sounds complex, but we will guide you through the process.

Have a survey and get your mortgage offer

Your mortgage lender will arrange a survey of the property you’re buying, checking for structural problems and making sure the value is set correctly. They’ll send you a mortgage offer. If you need our help, we can help you find the right surveyor in your area. 

The exchange of contracts

When your solicitor and the seller’s solicitor are both happy to proceed, you can exchange contracts. Once the contracts are signed, you’ll normally be expected to pay a deposit of 10% of the purchase price. This is paid through your solicitor, who sends the money to the seller’s solicitor. You’re now legally contracted to buy your new home, and a completion date can be agreed.


On completion day, the remainder of the payment for the house will be transferred to the seller’s solicitor. Once it’s been deposited into the seller’s account, the agent will hand over the keys to your new home. Congratulations!

From studios, terraces, semis and detached – all the way to manor houses. We’ve got the right home for you.

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